On Bergsig Game Farm we have two warthogs, Biggels and Bessie. Warthogs are related to the pig family and get their name from their prominent facial features, warts. Each warthog has a mane running down its spine, hooves and tusks protruding from their mouths. When their open and close their mouth, their tusks will rub against each other.

Boars will use their tusks for fighting. With luck in the wild, a warthog can age up to 15 years old, our very own, Biggels is already nine years old and Bessie almost a year of age. Warthogs are very peaceful animals, they are herbivores primarily and will feed on grass, roots, shrubs and roots, otherwise, they will be found chewing on dead animals and occasionally, worms.

They are most active during the mornings and evenings where they will mark areas with their tusks and graze. A warthog has a gestation period of 5-6 months, sows will separate themselves to give birth to 2-8 piglets. The piglets will be nursed in a hole for some time, after approximately three weeks the piglets may start grazing. a fun fact about Biggels and Bessie is that they love rolling in their mud bath, this is to regulate their body temperature and to have some fun!