Hippopotamus on Bergsig Game Farm

Bergsig Game Farm has two Hippopotamus, our male hippo named Fatman and our female named Bambi, who is our celebrity that reached the frontpage of newspapers and headlines of SABC news. Bambi arrived on Bergsig from False Bay Zeekoevlei Nature Reserve during lockdown. Hippopotamus are mammals that can live for up to 40 years and weigh from 1.5 to 4 tons. Fatman and Bambi are herbivores and feed on plant material, Fatman spends the bulk of his day in the water to cool his body from the heat of the South African sun, while Bambi likes to bask in the sun and move around while Fatman is watching over her.

However, Fatman and Bambi can hold their breaths for only 5 – 7 minutes. While their bodies are under water, hippo can see and breathe due to their nostrils and eyes located at the top of their heads sticking out of the water. At sunset, Fatman begins to join Bambi by traveling to graze happily ever after.For more on our celebrity,Bambi, visit the two links, https://www.mosselbayadvertizer.com/News/Article/General/bambi-blom-op-bergsig-202007100945 & https://www.facebook.com/462092134357579/posts/697507837482673/?vh=e